Tatsuya Nakatani Returns to New Orleans!

Tatsuya Nakatani, a master percussionist who we first encountered at Zeitgeist (with his gong orchestra), returned to New Orleans recently for a week of ensembles.  We caught him at the Allways Lounge on St.  Claude, with his favorite van parked right aside, playing alternatively with Helen Gillet, Rob Cambre, James Singleton, and others.   Cymbals flying and scraping across his drum kit, tiny metal bowls whirling, biting, slamming, all with a nearly constant bass drum beat–it’s nearly impossible to imagine the experience from his recordings alone, so take advantage of the fact that Tatsuya is on another rambling tour of the US (check out his web site for details @ http://www.hhproduction.org/TATSUYA_NAKATANI_WORKS.html).  Fill up the tank and track him down!  Be sure to check him out on Facebook as well–his food pictures are more than worth the trip. Some pics from his performance at the Allways:




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