Just Add …. Stanton Moore!

The first time I had an opportunity to see Stanton Moore in action (’04 Post Jazzfest concert at  Rosy’s Jazz Hall with Nicholas Payton and Mark Mullins- whoa!) I was stunned.   Since then I try not to miss any opportunity to watch the man play live.  Like so many New Orleans musicians, Moore is steeped in a wide variety of musical traditions and applies his impeccable sense of rhythm across a variety of genres.   Jazz –  rock –  blues – FUNK  – everything in-between and beyond.

Drummers often get overlooked – hidden behind the drum kit, essential but backup.  Not so Moore, his stage presence is so dynamic that it serves as an electrifier, super charging everyone onstage and permeating  the audience.  The line up for this show included equally talented musicians Anders Osborne – who has reemerged phoenix-like ON FIRE, and Robert Walter.

Stanton Moore Trio with Anders Osborne and Robert Walter playing at Voodoo Festival 2010 in New Orleans on Day 1.

Don’t take my word for it – go see him for yourself .  Or if you are not lucky enough to live in New Orleans or able to come visit – pick up CD’s Stanton Moore III and the most recent Galactic release Ya-Ka-May.   Both are must haves for any self respecting music lover!

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