French Quarter Festival 2011

Four days and nights, eighteen stages scattered throughout the French Quarter and along the Mississippi River, packed with some of the finest jazz, blues, funk, brass, zydeco, rock, and crazy Gypsy punk bands the world has to offer.  Did we mention that all this goodness is FREE?  Not a music fanatic? No worries – sit back, sample the food and watch the steamboats go by, sustain your will to live with a cocktail, or amble through the French Quarter.

Ask anyone who has attended and you will likely learn that the French Quarter Festival is “one of their favorite festivals.”  When you have as many festivals as we do here in Louisiana, that’s saying something!    As if the fun and festivities weren’t enough, the event is also genuinely important as it actually pays local performers (who make up the bulk of the schedule) well and generates $erious $$$ for the local economy (The French Quarter is really one of the most unique places in the country and home to dozens of small family-owned hotels, fantastic restaurants, bars and cafes, galleries and boutiques.)   Interested in coming next year?  Better book your hotel–French Quarter Festival sold out virtually every hotel room in New Orleans this year.

And now, a few of the many great entertainers who performed, with some  random crowd shots as lagniappe!

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