Viva Le Vox @ Siberia

OK, we’re starting to ramble about genre-busting (Graveyard Jaw, The Sawyer Family, Joe Buck Yourself, and just about every other band we love), so we’ll be concise:  here’s another.   Viva Le Vox is one of our favorite bands in a long time–stunning both to the eyes and ears.  Listen carefully and there are glimpses of Unsettlers,  rockabilly, punk, old metal, but the moments are fleeting–it’s all blended together into a beautiful new sound and then the critical listening is over and you’re bouncing around, dodging spilling beer and trying not to slip on the wet floor and crack open your skull (or an expen$ive 24-70mm lens).

The band is Tony Bones on vocals and guitar, Antoine Dukes on drums (sporting the craaazy glasses), Paultergeist on accordion, and Trevor von Sleeper on bass.  They live in Lake Worth, FL (guys:  hint:  New Orleans), and are currently on tour with The Sawyer Family and Joe Buck Yourself.  Check ’em out, buy their CDs, book them, sign them!  Get on it!

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