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Flashback: Heavy MTL

The 2011 version of Heavy MTL was one of the most monumental metal fests of all time, with every second still burned into our brains.  We’ve lost some of the metal greats from that festival, including Lucker and Lemmy, but their memories live on in our solid metal hearts, eh?  Here are some of our […]

Gwar, Decapitated, American Sharks at HOB NOLA

Gwar, Decapitated, American Sharks at HOB NOLA

Gwar If you haven’t been to a Gwar show, it’s a little like trying to explain Mardi Gras to someone who’s never visited New Orleans.  No one understands, until they actually experience it (and many times, not even then) why New Orleanians watch endless streams of floats, screaming like they’re on fire to be pounded with […]

(Canadian) Necronomicon: Rise of the Elder Ones

(Canadian) Necronomicon: Rise of the Elder Ones

Necronomicon’s new album, Rise of the Elder Ones, is out and the title track alone is worth the purchase.   Pull down the shades, close the shutters, twist the sign to “CLOSED” and crank it up!  Available widely, including  We can also attest that their live shows are incredible–we caught them at both Heavy […]

Barge to Hell!

A boatful of metal bands, 1,200 head bangers from 44 different countries, one big ship, four days.  And music running from breakfast until 5:30am. Route:  Miami to Nassau to Miami, but the stop in the Bahamas was just a place to fuel up and grab a donut–this cruise was all about the metal. And about […]

Photo Coverage of Vans Warped Tour

We visited the Vans Warped Tour in Atlanta to bring back the goods on Cherri Bomb, Machine Gun Kelly, Sick of Sarah, Blood on the Dance Floor, and a host of other bands…check out our photo coverage below, support the bands by buying their music, attending shows, and investing in a hoodie or two, and […]

Heavy MTL 2011

Heavy MTL is an annual heavy metal festival held in Montreal, QC.  This year we shot photos during both days of the festival. DAY 1: First up at Heavy MTL 2011: Dead and Divine, a metalcore band hailing from Burlington, and Parc Jean-Drapeau transitions from mild crowd sounds, Budweiser hawking, conversation to full on aural […]

Heavy MTL Montreal on July 23 and 24!

Check it out:  Heavy MTL Motorhead. KISS.  Almost 24 hours of metal in all.  We’ll be there!  Coverage to follow. See you there?