Lord Dying at Siberia

Last Tuesday, Siberia hosted five touring metal bands, including Lord Dying from Portland, Oregon. This was the first time we’d seen them, and hopefully not the last. Lord Dying pummeled the audience with bass. It makes sense that they’ve stuck Capuano (bassist) up front, although dueling vocals arrived from stage right (Olson, guitarist/Viking) as well as from the back (Reid, drummer). Evans on the left has the kind of angel face that makes you want to skip and search for wildflowers in the crowd, while completely throwing down on guitar. The lady next to us in the audience was apparently an old friend of Reid. She kindly offered to protect us from moshing headbangers out on the floor; then quickly forgot about that and proceeded to headbang our camera equipment. Oh, well. It was a short, intense set, and we hope to catch Lord Dying again soon. Boys, please come back! It’s not always August in New Orleans.

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