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The Best Hip Hop Show in Recent History

We were so psyched to see Cypress Hill and summary: the best hip hop show we’ve ever covered. The band delivered just the mix we expected–straight-ahead hip hop, some of their Rusko dub step work, and some of their crossover hard rock stuff. We made our personal preference clear in the previous post, but the […]

Bounce X at the Republic!

The Republic in New Orleans recently hosted a huge bounce celebration, with a who’s who list of bounce stars:  Sissy Nobby, Katey Red, DJ Jubilee, Ricky B, 10th Ward Buck, Cheeky Blakk, Ms. Tee, Rusty Lazer, Nicky Da B, Flyboy Keno…   We were virtually destroyed when we quit shooting at about 3:30am, but still managed to […]

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2011 (Second Weekend).

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2011 (Second Weekend).

All good things must come to an end.  Actually, in New Orleans that’s not strictly true, since the end of Jazz Fest simply returns us to the normal firehouse-sized helping of daily music and festivals, but for non-locals, maybe it is a temporary ending.  In any event, we recount our best experiences during the last […]