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Jonathon Boogie Long at Jazz Fest 2015

We don’t love the hat. But just about everything else is what’s not to love? Jonathon Boogie Long shredded the other bands at the Best of the Beat awards. Terrorized the Blues and BBQ festival. Was easily the best blues act at Jazz Fest 2015. Has been called the “living embodiment of the modern state […]

Leo “Bud” Welch at d.b.a.

We recently caught Leo “Bud” Welch’s show at d.b.a., our favorite no-smoking watering hole on Frenchmen St.  Last sighting: our favorite act of the 2014 Blues and BBQ Festival. Tired of over-orchestrated, over-produced blues?  Leo plays with a drummer, a chair, and a guitar, and could get away with just the guitar, since at 83, […]

The 2013 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Another Jazz Fest, come and gone, and we caught every act that we possibly could, across all seven days.   Some of our highlights, along with extensive photographic coverage, below: Day # 1: Standout performance and our favorite act of the day was Gary Clark, Jr.  We’ve seen him before (a lot, actually) and performing roughly […]

B. B. King and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Tipitinas!

B. B. King and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Tipitinas!

The most expensive show ever at Tipitina’s at $100/ticket and the place is packed.  In a town of low-or-no cover charges (great for music lovers, potentially terrible for musicians, unless fans hit that tip bucket–<<hint>> <<hint>>), a $100 show is essentially a once-in-a-lifetime one, and no better way cash in that chance than to see B. […]

2011 Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival

This year’s Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival was the 6th annual presentation of the free event, which is put on by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation (whose premiere event is the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival).   This year’s lineup was loaded with stars, including Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Little Freddie King, Walter “Wolfman” […]

Big Daddy O at the Ogden Museum

Big Daddy O (aka Owen Tufts), 6’6″ of blues master, played a solo acoustic show recently at the Ogden Museum’s Ogden After Hours.  If you haven’t checked out Big Daddy O, well, here he is: Now drag yourself over to his site, buy all of his CDs (we confess that we bought all of them […]

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2011 (Second Weekend).

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2011 (Second Weekend).

All good things must come to an end.  Actually, in New Orleans that’s not strictly true, since the end of Jazz Fest simply returns us to the normal firehouse-sized helping of daily music and festivals, but for non-locals, maybe it is a temporary ending.  In any event, we recount our best experiences during the last […]

Lightnin’ Malcolm and Cameron Kimbrough Kill d.b.a.

Exhausted by the blues!  But in a most pleasant way.   Following Cedric Burnside’s recent show at d.b.a., here comes Lightnin’ Malcolm, playing with the grandson, Cameron Kimbrough, of yet another blues legend!  This time we firmly planted our soon-to-be-dancing asses close to the stage and dared to approach ISO 10000 to nail a few shots before the urge […]

Strange Roux’s Show at Blue Nile Upstairs

Strange Roux’s “brand” is swamp rock, but more than anything, they’re freakin’ haul ass, tear it down rock-n-roll.  We were out on Frenchmen to catch a CD release party at d.b.a. when our friend Leigh suggested that we stop by the Blue Nile.   Not quite sure what to expect…  WHOA!   With a mossy, darkly lit (thanks guys, really–we shot a […]

R.L. Lives On++

R.L. Lives On++

Cedric Burnside and Lightnin’ Malcolm are also known as the two man wreckin’ krewe and the nickname is true, in the same sense that R. L. Burnside was a one man wreckin’ krewe.  R. L. Burnside cranked out high energy, skull-splitting blues that crossed genres…for example, don’t hesitate to check out A Ass Pocket of […]