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Water Detereth Not…

…Neither Mandingo Warriors nor roaming groups of T-shirted Bacchanalians, worshipping, making love to, and then eating (off the organic Jazz Fest mud) watermelons, while celebrating the lives of Prince and Allen Toussaint (don’t ask): The Mandingo Warriors:               And those crazy watermelon people:            

Lauryn Hill at Jazz Fest 2016

Terminally late to shows (less so this year at Jazz Fest but still late, on the order of 45m late when she played at Voodoo, and then 30m late for a makeup show at the same festival), prison for tax evasion, only a single glorious studio album in a bit less than 20 years, and […]

Jazz Fest 2016, Part Two

The first weekend at Jazz Fest was uneventful, but the second weekend brought all kinds of eventful, including torrential downpours, flooding, the cancellation of big acts like Stevie Wonder, Beck, and Snoop Dogg.  But Neil Young. Despite being almost drowned trying to shoot the show, viewfinders full of water and equipment malfunctioning, there was 2+ […]