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The Best Hip Hop Show in Recent History

We were so psyched to see Cypress Hill and summary: the best hip hop show we’ve ever covered. The band delivered just the mix we expected–straight-ahead hip hop, some of their Rusko dub step work, and some of their crossover hard rock stuff. We made our personal preference clear in the previous post, but the […]

Cypress Hill at House of Blues New Orleans!

Cypress Hill at House of Blues New Orleans!

Summary:  Cypress Hill.  In New Orleans.  House of Blues.  11/18.  Go.   We’ll miss exactly four minutes of this concert–the time it takes to be thrown out of the photo pit after the first three songs, return to our car to stash the camera gear, and re-enter as “civilians”.     A lot of other […]

RIP, Uncle Lionel Batiste

A very late RIP to Uncle Batiste, a true New Orleanian.  No more watches strapped across the palm, no giant Batistian billboards on Times Square (advertising Treme), no more late night wanderings on Frenchmen St, no more Uncle on the bass drum for the Treme Brass Band.  Here are a few shots of Uncle Lionel, […]

The 2012 Voodoo Music Experience

We’re still dragging a bit after three 15 hour days at Voodoo Fest 2012.  The bed is looking awfully nice, but lots of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe combined with looping the Sex Pistols on Spotify at high volume got us through a marathon photo evaluation and editing session.  Click through any of the photos for a full […]