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Fess Fest 2010!

It’s hard to write anything new about Professor Longhair (aka Henry Roeland Byrd aka “Fess”).  He’s a New Orleans icon (see?), his piano playing style is unique and yet has tinged the work of virtually every piano player who plays “New Orleans music” (whatever that is).    There are performers who can clearly capture his vibe (Jon Cleary […]

The Heritage Band

So we did “accidentally” catch some great music while hiding in Grayton Beach. The Heritage Band is a reggae band based in Destin, FL and we saw their nearly 4 (!) hour show at the Red Bar. Great energy and definitely a band to check out live.

Dealin’ with the Devil…

Dealin' with the Devil...

We’re on vacation, so no pictures (unless you want pics of the fish)…just a pointer to a great album. I’ve always loved Sonny Boy Williamson’s version of Dealin’ with the Devil–it’s one of my favorite blues tunes. But there’s an alternate version that’s worthy and you get to hear Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, and James […]

HIGH ISO Music invades Teddy’s Juke Joint!

We visited Teddy’s Juke Joint in Zachary, LA to catch The Pack’s show.  Teddy’s was overflowing, people were dancing, The Pack was rippin’ up the joint…ISO 6400+ in the house!

Debauche et al @ Bacchanal

St. Andrew’s Festival @ Bacchanal featured Debauche, a Russian Mafia Band who are purveyors of “Russian Hooligan Songs”.  We want more!  Never has ISO 8000 been more necessary, since the band was essentially lit with Christmas lights.  Check it out: and check out their website and visit their Facebook page.