My Graveyard Jaw @ the (ISO 12,800) Hi Ho Lounge!

My Graveyard Jaw is Michael James (aka Stix Duh Clown) on guitar, banjo, vocals, and boot stompin’, Denis Bonis on violin, Scott Potts on bass (and bass climbing), and Alleyn Evans on cello.  Forget the genre-stuffing–it’s blues, country, growlin’, bass strings howling for mercy, soaring violin, gorgeous cello, guitar and banjo strumming madness.  The song writing is top notch, Michael James can seriously sing, and the live show is transcendent.  What more do you want, people?  Get out there and support them!  Don’t make us ask you twice!




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  1. michael james says:

    wow ! nice pictures, and a really sweet write up ! thank you so much man! thank you for your support . im doing my one man band ( Michael James and his Lonesome ) @ siberia on st claude this wed. the13th with ( JOE BUCK YOUR SELF ) insane nashville one man band he’s the bass player for
    ( HANK III ) , and SAWYER FAMILY ( eugene oregon ) , and VIVA LA VOX( florida ) i open up the show 10:00 would love to have some one man band photo’s for my solo c.d. ! thanks again man !!!

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