Shauit at Festival International Nuits d’Afrique de Montréal!

We’re still in Montreal, seeking vibes.  Here’s a hit:  Shauit is a reggae/dancehall singer/songwriter we encountered during a show at the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique de Montréal.

He sings in French, English, and Innu and both our French and Innu (especially Innu!) are far too weak to offer a translation, but the general vibe shines through, regardless of your native tongue.  Peace, love, and dance, will ya?   Speaking of dancing, the mood at the club was initially very odd.  People were definitely enjoying the show and there was a lot of chair dancing going on, some of it quite energetic–but no one was actually “brave” enough to start shakin’ it.  Until a few relatives of the singer mixed it up.  And that generally resulted in a bit more ass-detached-from-chair, but not enough.  C’mon, Montreal–shake it till it’s broken.  We would.  Pictures from the show, with thanks to Aurélie Gendron-Martin for granting us permission to shoot:


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