New Wave vs. Rock and Roll at the Hi Ho

We recently caught two amazing but incredibly different bands at the Hi Ho Lounge, both with strong roots in New Orleans musical history.  First up, The Help, with lead singer Barbara Menendez (lead singer of the legendary New Orleans New Wave/Blondie-esque band, The Cold, circa 1980–anyone else catch them on the Riverboat President?), belting out hop-all-over-the-fucking-place, welcome-to-1982.  Never a more visceral memory of the long-gone Riverboat President, also the scene of our first Joan Jett concert.  See for yourself (sorry, we don’t do audio):

And The Mutineerz, who are decidedly not New Wave.  Fronted by Casey Robinson, former guitar player for Big Sam’s Funky Nation, and fellow guitar wizard Bob Brahan, this is dual-guitar driven, watch Casey shatter his spine rock-n-roll, big, fat, and delicious.  Check ’em out:

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