Black Flag and Good For You at Howlin’ Wolf

Black Flag is not Flag, or Keith Morris, or Henry Rollins, or the Black Flag of old. It’s none of those things. What remains and persists, however, is Greg Ginn, the guitarist who founded Black Flag in 1976, and a phenomenal musician. Unbothered with all aspects of cool, he wears what should have been a free t-shirt on stage, a buzz-cut, and he plays the theremin in addition to guitar, in spastic movements—and, occasionally and with great joy, slapping the theremin on its aerial ass. The lighting situation at the Howlin’ Wolf was so horrible last night (dim, and red) that we couldn’t get a single good shot of Ginn. Instead, we focused on lead singer Ron Reyes, and the lead for the opening band, Good For You (also founded by Ginn, and featuring the same musicians).


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