Strange Roux’s Show at Blue Nile Upstairs

Strange Roux’s “brand” is swamp rock, but more than anything, they’re freakin’ haul ass, tear it down rock-n-roll.  We were out on Frenchmen to catch a CD release party at d.b.a. when our friend Leigh suggested that we stop by the Blue Nile.   Not quite sure what to expect…  WHOA!   With a mossy, darkly lit (thanks guys, really–we shot a lot of photos @ ISO 10000 and some at ISO 25600) stage, Terry Moore (vocals), Jason Kareores (guitar), Trent Jorden (drums), Eric Burgess (bass), and John V. Thompson (guitar) channel the weirdest of momentary images (Dr. John, Tom Waits, Johnny Depp, Jim Morrison, a creepy moment in the swamp, the tiny red bugs that live in moss, the moss guy passed out at Mardi Gras) while laying down their own unique sound.  This may have been a chance encounter, but you’ll be seeing our lenses again, guys.  Wow!

Check out the show:

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