The Sawyer Family @ Siberia

Nearly defeated by red rope lights as the only on-stage illumination?  OK, yeah. And D3s’s are on backorder.  ISO 25,600 @ less than 1/50s under pure red light is photographic death, but makes for one hell of a mood onstage and it’s not all about our pain, so let’s move on.   Anyway, thus began our introduction to The Sawyer Family, one freakin’ loud ass, scary band from Eugene, OR.   With Master Seth Sawyer on guitar and vocals, Count Vlad Zacul Sawyer on bass, Judge Jarod Sawyer on guitar, and Kylsaw Sawyer on drums, the Sawyer family is out to give you a serious aural thrashing.  The style is hard to pin down (isn’t genre-busting great?), which suits us just fine–and never mind about that “which bin does it go in” shit.  The songwriting is top notch, vocals are chilling, and there’s abundant talent all over the stage.  Check out their website, which includes a full length movie detailing their recent tour, some music clips, and merchandise.  And then check ’em out live.  And we’re warning you, kids–bring the Etymotics.  If you think Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or Motorhead is loud, you’re fixin’ to get a lesson.

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