The Best Hip Hop Show in Recent History

We were so psyched to see Cypress Hill and summary: the best hip hop show we’ve ever covered. The band delivered just the mix we expected–straight-ahead hip hop, some of their Rusko dub step work, and some of their crossover hard rock stuff. We made our personal preference clear in the previous post, but the audience at House of Blues responded to all of it. B-Real asked for people to open their minds, to stretch a bit and give the alternative stuff a try, but the crowd was already on board. DJ Muggs, surely one of the best DJs alive, did some solo turntable work (straight face throughout–this is easy?) that we’ll never forget and Sen Dog and B-Real’s delivery couldn’t have been tighter.  This show was an absolute masterpiece and Cypress Hill is the best hip hop band currently performing.

The only “problem” with the show (and it basically only our problem) was the wall of smoke, which amplified problems with the moody lighting and made shooting extremely difficult. But who wants easy?  Check it out:

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