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Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse at HOB NOLA

Following on the tail of Machine Head’s fantastic show at the House of Blues:  Behemoth, with Cannibal Corpse.  While nothing will ultimately compare with our Behemoth experiences on the Barge to Hell, this was a lot closer to home.  HOB crackled with energy for these completely packed shows and somehow, CorpseGrinder’s head remained attached, despite […]

Gwar, Decapitated, American Sharks at HOB NOLA

Gwar, Decapitated, American Sharks at HOB NOLA

Gwar If you haven’t been to a Gwar show, it’s a little like trying to explain Mardi Gras to someone who’s never visited New Orleans.  No one understands, until they actually experience it (and many times, not even then) why New Orleanians watch endless streams of floats, screaming like they’re on fire to be pounded with […]

The Best Hip Hop Show in Recent History

We were so psyched to see Cypress Hill and summary: the best hip hop show we’ve ever covered. The band delivered just the mix we expected–straight-ahead hip hop, some of their Rusko dub step work, and some of their crossover hard rock stuff. We made our personal preference clear in the previous post, but the […]

Slash at the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA

Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators play the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA!